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Standard cartridge valve from Bürkert

The new cartridge valve from Bürkert (Type 6164) has been launched as a response to the increasing importance of space considerations, fluid performance and energy saving potentials. 

The Type 6164 simplifies pneumatic piloting control through optimal integration of a pilot valve in block solutions and plastic injection moulded components. 

The long life cycle and reliability of the valve are confirmed by more than 100 million switching cycles. The switching times for opening and closing of the valve are around 10ms at a pressure of 1bar and a temperature of 20°C.

The reliable valve is available in orifice sizes from 0.5 to 1.2mm and with operating voltage of 12 and 24 V DC. The standard version covers the pressure range from -0.8 to 10bar with a power consumption of less than 0.7W. The valve body is made of PEEK and the seal of FKM.

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