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Stainless Steel Pumps

Tsurumi Pump has designed cast 316 stainless steel “SFQ” series pumps specifically for corrosive water applications including seawater, brine and even leachate in settling ponds. 

The SFQ range includes 2” and 3” three phase pumps with heads to 44 metres and flows to 2,000 lpm. They feature a high capacity semi open style impeller that will perform in even the toughest conditions. 

The SFQ series of submersibles are unique in that even the stator housings are cast and machined 316-stainless steel. Casings, impellers and suction covers are also cast 316 stainless steel.  

The grade of stainless steel used has a higher content of carbon for strength. It also has a high proportion of nickel and molybdenium for improved corrosion resistance. No welds are required which means no pitting and reduced oxidisation. This material is also capable of withstanding abrasive liquids.

Tsurumi incorporate a number of features that enhance the life expectancy of the pump and cut maintenance costs. These include a unique anti-wicking cable gland. Water is prevented from wicking down inside the cable. The motor is protected even if the cable is damaged or the end accidentally immersed.

All Tsurumi pumps have a double silicon carbide mechanical seal. Both seal surfaces are submerged in an oil chamber, well away from the pumped liquid. A patented oil lifter ensures the mechanical seal faces are always lubricated and cooled, even if the pump is installed horizontally.


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