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Stainless steel keyboard with integrated touchpad

Backplane Systems Technology has released InduKey’s TKV-084-FIT-Touch-IP65-MGEH series of stainless steel keyboards with integrated touchpads.

The new range of stainless steel keyboards includes three compact versions, which are suitable for use in tough industrial applications in a variety of environments as the silicone seal between the top and bottom parts of the keys protects against any ingress by dust or splashing water.

By integrating the keys in an additional membrane (consisting of silicone or PORON), it is possible to create a LABS-free version designed for medical and laboratory applications.
The flat key caps and the arrangement of the keys enable noise-free typing strokes and supports fast touch typing.

The capacitive keypad also allows precise operations for users, even if they are wearing silicone gloves. Customised modifications are available to meet the requirements of specific applications.

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