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Staff cuts may reach Australia

Rockwell Automation’s local Australian headquarters has declined to comment about the possibility of job cuts in Australia, instead sticking by an announcement made last week that the company would slash 600 jobs globally.

A spokesperson in Melbourne for Rockwell said the company “declined to comment further”, referring PACE Today to an official announcement made last week by Rockwell’s United States-based chief executive officer and chairman, Keith D. Nosbusch, that the company would be cutting approximately 3 per cent of its 20,000 staff members.

The cuts will be mostly from the sales and administrative areas of the company, saving an expected AU$85 million to 2010, with a further AU$74 million to be credited to share holders by the end of fiscal 2008.

Rockwell will present its financial results for the fourth quarter 2008 on Tuesday 11th November.

No breakdown of the percentage of staff redundancies in each country has been made available.

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