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Spotlight on QMan

The 2008 Queensland Manufacturing Technology Exhibition (QMan) is approaching, with all the top players in the Queensland manufacturing industry showcasing their newest products and services to trade buyers.

Held every two years since 2004, almost 1,900 patrons visited QMan in 2006 — a figure which organisers hope to break when the event is held this year between October 21 and 23 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Distributor Treotham Automation will be demonstrating a wide range of new and existing product lines from Australia and overseas serving the manufacturing, engineering, mining, heavy transport, dockyard and offshore industries.

Visit stand 2110 to view Treotham’s new brands and products, including the Euchner range of safety switches for industry, Wiesel BaseLine linear drive unit with an integrated motor, inductive proximity sensors for wide ranging applications, Alpha HG+ right-angle gearhead that allows machine designers to solve longstanding inefficiencies associated with right-angle applications, and Elgo’s Z16 battery powered single axis standalone linear measuring system.

Treotham Automation will also display a number of other products including cables, energy chains, relays, bearings, and conduits.

Also displaying its wares will be Sunlec International with a new thermal printer, the Grafoplast S12K, reportedly offering fail-proof loading and usage and high-quality results in a low maintenance, cost effective unit.

The printer, displayed on stand 2018, uses special ribbons that allow flexibility to print customised tags, plates and adhesive labels on a diverse range of materials including PVC, polyester, ABS and polycarbonate.

The Grafoplast also features a wiremarking system for marking wires, bundles of wires, cables, data cabling, terminal blocks, contractors, relays, PLC panels and large multicore cables — meaning wires or cables can be identified without them being disconnected.

Visit stand 1807 to view Business Manager Software’s new Advanced Business Manager (ABM) suite of software — a professional enterprise management software system that improves productivity and control while enabling users to quickly respond to changing market situations, according to the company.

The new software offers specialised features for manufacturing companies including: order fulfilment wizard; multi-location stock control with minimums and maximums; production scheduling and planning; fast, flexible and customisable production work data entry screens; fast sales analysis into Excel; extended production management; supply and demand analysis; and production quotation.

Developed using industry standard tools, ABM features integration with Microsoft Office and is backed by Microsoft’s SQL Server.

QMan will also host a stand from Efficiency Works (stand 2206), a manufacturing training company which focuses on the benefits of environmental awareness.

According to Efficiency Works, being ‘green’ is a growing force in the manufacturing industry due to growing concern for the environment and increasing demand for energy-efficient products and practices.

Delivered in the workplace, the company’s coaching programs include training in leadership, tools and follow-up systems and reportedly improve a company’s bottom line and business processes, while being cost neutral (federal funding can be arranged).

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