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SPM probes and cantilevers

Scitech has available the AppNano range of conventional and specialised SPM probes for most applications.
The probes leverage the company’s extensive experience in nanofabrication technology and research in AFM probes to supply high quality probes utilising the latest technology in the market.

Compatible with most commercially available AFMs, the probes will also work with AFMs that require mounted probes.

AppNano silicon probes are manufactured out of prime grade, low resistivity (0.01- 0.025 Ω-cm), n-type antimony doped, single crystal silicon.

According to the company, AppNano’s silicon technologies combined with micro-fabrication processes achieve consistent high quality monolithic probes with unprecedented tip sharpness.

The company’s probes include the ACL Series is designed for non-contact, tapping mode intermittent contact and/or close contact applications, the ACST Series designed for soft tapping or non-contact mode applications, and the ACT Series short and stiff cantilevers with high resonance frequency for high speed scanning of hard samples in tapping/non-contact modes.

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