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Spinning solar cells to be manufactured in Victoria

SIL Global will be manufacturing V3Solar’s spinning conical solar cells at an industrial hub in Victoria.

The company has bought a 20-acre site at Thurla Industrial, where it will manufacture the solar cells for the US-based V3Solar. Construction of the plant will start this year.

V3Solar’s Spin Cells have a spinning conical design which increases the effective photovoltaic surface area for a given footprint, and the US developer claims its products provide improved power delivery.

The ultimate aim is to produce the spin solar cells which will be used in the second stage of a solar generation plant. The SILG plant will have 800,000 spin cell units.

According to Thurla Industrial Park developers, a large part of the estate’s growth will stem from the solar industry and related sectors.

Check out the video from V3Solar which demonstrates the concept.


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