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Specialist motors for driver assist systems

The maxon A-max brushed DC motor features in a Lane Departure Warning System being developed by a luxury car manufacturer.

The use of computers in cars as an aid to assist driving is being explored as a strategy to reduce accidents caused by human error. 

A Lane Departure Warning system is one such application being developed by a luxury car manufacturer in conjunction with maxon motor. 

The vehicle's position in the lane is determined with the use of various sensors and computers. If the car drifts out of its lane, the system activates an electric motor in the steering wheel making it vibrate, thus alerting the driver to possible danger.  Other driver assist systems include brake assist and adaptive cruise control.

The maxon A-max brushed DC motor was specifically selected for use in the Lane Departure Warning system. 

Chosen for its small size suitable for applications with restricted space, its quiet operation and high-power output.  The A-max brushed DC motor has been fitted with a special Electro-Magnetic Interference suppression component.  It protects the other systems in the vehicle from being interfered with by the electromagnetic fields of the motor. 

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