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SPARK Microsystems, Digi-Key announce distribution agreement

SPARK Microsystems

Digi-Key Electronics has secured a global distribution agreement with SPARK Microsystems to offer ultra-low power wireless communications for high-performance personal area networks and IoT-connected devices.  

With its patented technologies, SPARK Microsystems is bringing to market a next-generation ultra-wideband wireless transceiver that enables the next generation of wireless products for customers worldwide. 

“We are thrilled to offer the cutting-edge ultra-wideband technology that SPARK Microsystems delivers to our global customer base,” said David Stein, vice president of global supplier management for Digi-Key.

“We know that our customers fuel the world’s innovation. They now have a flexible, low latency and more power-efficient wireless solution with SPARK Microsystems’ game-changing products.”    

The SPARK SR1000 UWB IC family of products will enable next-generation wireless products with features including: 

  • Data rate of up to 10 Mbps at 1.5 nJ/bit;
  • Unparalleled versatility, including power consumption of 2 mW while transmitting and receiving at 1 Mbps, and scaling to 6 μW at 1 Kbps;
  • Ultra-short wireless latency (50 µs for 1 Kb); and
  • Time-of-flight positioning at 30 cm accuracy.

“SPARK Microsystems’ distribution partnership with Digi-Key allows us to engage the global market primed for the adoption of SPARK Microsystems’ products,” said Tom Spade, chief revenue officer for SPARK Microsystems.

“Through Digi-Key’s reputable platform, we can reach the worldwide design community, particularly those designing technology for industries such as AR/VR, audio, gaming and IoT sensors.” 

For more information about SPARK Microsystems and to order from their product portfolio, visit the Digi-Key website 

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