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Space-saving circuit breaker from Phoenix Contact

Electrical  engineering manufacturer Phoenix Contact has released a new, compact, single-channel electronic circuit breaker – the PTCB.

At 6mm wide by 106mm high, the PTCB electronic offers space-saving circuit protection and potential  distribution. It also helps technicians save on costs, as less space is required in the control box.

The smart device protects 24V DC loads against overload and short circuiting. It can be used as a standalone circuit breaker or with Clipline complete Din-rail terminals and accessories for additional output or with multiples connected  together. Plus, adding the PTCB to existing applications is quick and easy as the device does not require users to purchase another set of terminals.

Suitable for a range of applications, technicians can adjust the amp values  on the device from 1 to 8 to tailor the PTCB to their needs and ensure optimal  adaptation to the connected load/application. The device also offers considerable flexibility as it can be modified during start up as well as adjusted at any time to respond to changes in the application.

The device is equipped with a relay status indicator with a pre-warning LED so that users can see the functional status of each circuit breaker.

The PTCB also offers high reliability even under extreme ambient conditions. It is suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -25º to 60ºC, and is shock and vibration resistant.

The push-in capability of the PTCB means that connecting the device requires no tools and a lower insertion force when compared to comparable technologies. With the PTCB, connecting the device is both fuss-free and time-saving.

The portfolio of PTCB electronic circuit breakers features three adjustable devices with different nominal current ranges between 1 and 8A, and four devices with fixed nominal currents of two, three, four and six A.

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