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Southern Cross Fertiliser

Smart Wireless pH Network Monitors Detect Acid Tank Leaks

Bayswater, VIC

An ammonium phosphate fertiliser producer transports over one million tonnes per year of highly-corrosive acids by rail and ship to distribution centres around Australia and overseas.

It is important to maintain the flow of harsh these chemicals. The challenge was to develop a way to identify leaks early to prevent further damage.

Plant personnel installed the Smart Wireless network with Emerson’s support. Rosemount 1056 pH analysers were installed with probes in the circulating water from six acid tanks. The 4-20mA output from the analysers is connected to a Rosemount 648 temperature transmitter which transmits the process variable (PV) wirelessly. At that time, a wireless pH transmitter was not available. The 6081 Wireless pH is now available and would reduce installation cost.

Outcomes included the company saving 50 per cent on copper wired instrument system, while monitoring of pH accurately prevented catastrophic tank failure and averted environmental issues.

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