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South Australia sets nation-wide benchmark for renewable hydrogen gas

The amount of renewable hydrogen gas in South Australian gas networks has seen a nation-leading increase of 5 per cent.

According to the South Australian State Government Australia’s first Hydrogen Park in the Tonsley Innovation District is already powering thousands of homes with a five per cent blend of renewable hydrogen with natural gas, however is now increasing to 10 per cent.

The State Government report this as the highest concentration of hydrogen-blended gas in Australia, and underscores the findings of recent research from the Australian Hydrogen Centre.

Premier of South Australia., Tom Koutsantonis said, “South Australia has led the way on the renewable energy journey, and this project is another example of that innovation, offering another alternative in the quest to generate cleaner energy.”

The recent research showed South Australia’s initiative to blend hydrogen into the state’s gas networks could pave the way for the abundant element to eventually supply 100 per cent renewable hydrogen through the state’s distribution networks.

Australian Gas Infrastructure Group chief executive officer, Craig de Laine said, “ For the first time anywhere in Australia, we’re blending ten per cent renewable hydrogen from Australia’s largest electrolyser into the gas network to supply South Australian customers.”

Renewable hydrogen can be used in the same way as natural gas, heating homes and businesses, generating electricity and as a transport fuel.

“We hope this continues long into the future as we have plans to continue to work with the South Australian Government to deploy similar facilities of greater scale and customer reach,” said Laine

There remains significant opportunity for Hydrogen Park SA and other South Australian renewable gas projects to supply renewable gas directly to customers via existing networks.

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