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South Africa to reduce carbon emissions using solar-diesel microgrid

In a first for South Africa, ABB has commissioned an integrated solar-diesel microgrid installation at its 96,000 square metre Longmeadow facility in Johannesburg. The installation is intended to maximise renewable energy use while ensuring uninterrupted power supply that will keep factory lights on and running during planned or unplanned power outages on the main grid supply.

The microgrid installation in Johannesburg comprises ABB’s PowerStore battery-based grid stabilising system to address frequency and voltage functions. It also includes a Microgrid Plus distributed control system (DCS) to manage power supply and balance fossil-fuel and renewable energy sources in accordance with loads.

The 1MVA/380kWh PowerStore and Microgrid Plus, together with a 750kW rooftop photovoltaic field have been added to the existing back-up solution at the location to boost renewables and provide continuity of supply during disruptions or transitions from grid to inland operation. A cloud-based remote service system will be used for operations and maintenance.

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