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Solid design conference next week in Melbourne

Intercad will host SolidWorks World Australia 2007 in Melbourne next Monday; designers, engineers and manufacturers will hear about, and see in action, the latest advances in design technology.

Intercad will also launche the latest release of SolidWorks CAD/CAM technology at the second SolidWorks World Australia Conference.

SolidWorks 2008 assists designers, engineers and manufacturers design better products more quickly. It includes base levels of design automation and finite element analysis technology which improves designs upfront, reducing the need for experts to check designs before they are passed into the next, and more expensive, stage of manufacturing.

“CAD/CAM software is reaching the point in the Australian and New Zealand manufacturing and design markets where it is no longer only used by early adopters but is expanding to volume users,” says Scott Frayne, Managing Director, Intercad.

The SolidWorks World Australia Conference includes Australian customer examples, the latest industry trends and SolidWorks’ roadmap as it responds to and leads these industry trends. SolidWorks’ graduate program, Certified SolidWorks Associate, and the future directions of SolidWorks in education will also be discussed.

A variety of Australian products designed using SolidWorks will be on display in the product showcase, while the technical sessions will offer tips and tricks to delegates on using the software to its fullest potential.

A highlight of the inaugural 2006 conference was the Model Mania design competition, which saw the winner, Gary Bortz from Bortz Design, win a high-end Hewlett-Packard workstation for designing the most accurate model component in the shortest period of time. This year the Model Mania competition will be split into two parts, design and design verification, which will test delegates in the use of analysis software.

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