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SolarReserve opens Oz headquarters in SA

SolarReserve, a developer of large-scale solar power projects and solar thermal technology, has opened two new offices in South Australia – its Australian headquarters in Adelaide and a field office in Port Augusta.

With Australia identified as a priority market for the global organisation, SolarReserve’s Adelaide team will focus on delivering the Aurora Solar Energy Project, as well as spearhead SolarReserve’s future projects in South Australia and the broader region.

“South Australia is leading the world in renewable energy technologies, and SolarReserve’s solar thermal power plant is one of the world’s most exciting projects,” said South Australia’s Premier Jay Weatherill. “Port Augusta is a symbol of South Australia’s transition from old to new.”

“We are targeting a large percentage of the sourcing and services value for the Aurora project to come from South Australia in the construction phase, which will support an exciting new industry,” said Tom Georgis, SolarReserve’s SVP of Development. “The Aurora project is part of a much bigger picture for South Australia. SolarReserve hopes to build six solar thermal projects in the State over the next ten years, with our Australian headquarters in Adelaide serving as the development hub.”

The field office in Port Augusta will serve as a conduit for local workers and businesses to participate in the Aurora project and for SolarReserve to maximise local opportunities. The Aurora team encourages the local community to visit the new office to learn more about the project and discuss opportunities.

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