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Solar and industrial clamp testers

The Hioki True RMS CM4371 and CM4373 measure AC and AC + DC (to 1000 V), and DC voltage to 1700 V.  

The voltage indicator detects live circuits (AC and DC), turning the LCD display red and provides a beep alarm. The Hioki CM4371 measures current to 600 A, and the CM4373 to 2000 A (both as AC, DC, or AC + DC). 

Inrush and peak crest can be measured simultaneously. The instruments are Cat IV (600 V) and Cat III (1000 V) rated and have an IP code 54 (splashed water) with IP 50 jaws (CM4371, 33mm dia—CM4373, 55 mm dia). 

Battery and solar panel testing is made easy because DC current and voltage can be simultaneously displayed. Both instruments measure frequency (to 999 Hz), resistance to 600 k-ohm, diode test, capacitance to 1000 microfarad and temperature (optional sensor).

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