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Solahart announces collaboration with Tesla Energy

Australian solar company Solahart has joined forces with US energy storage pioneer Tesla Energy, and from this year will be offering Australian households a one stop shop for all their renewable energy needs.

The collaboration will see Solahart, already one of Australia’s leading renewable energy solution innovators, become a Tesla Energy Authorised Reseller. The Tesla Powerwall will be added to Solahart’s already extensive renewable energy range, with installations expected to commence in February 2016.

The Solahart offer will allow Tesla Powerwall batteries to be retrofitted to existing photovoltaic systems, or sold as part of an integrated solution when paired with a new PV system.

“This is a natural fit and makes perfect sense, for Solahart,” says Stephen Cranch, Solahart’s GM Sales and Marketing Renewables.

Solahart has been operating in the solar sector since 1953. It has manufactured over one million solar hot water systems, which have been installed in 80 countries on every continent. In 2010 it made the move into PV, with Solahart systems now installed on thousands of Australian roofs.

“We have witnessed myriad changes in the solar industry in Australia and we anticipate significant changes in the country’s energy market and how consumers perceive and take up renewable energy,” said Cranch. 

“Product quality has always been a major point of difference for Solahart, and we are very selective about whose products we sell. Our Research and Development (R&D) team thoroughly tests everything – and the Powerwall is no exception. We currently have the Tesla Powerwall in our test lab and have been conducting general battery storage testing for some time.”

“We expect our prices for the Powerwall will be competitive with what is being offered by others in the market – and we can offer a holistic solution should that be required.”

Cranch said the Tesla Powerwall battery will also fit strategically with Solahart’s future direction.  “This exciting announcement is just the first of many that we’ll be making in the near future, as we develop a comprehensive range of integrated products that will assist consumers in dealing with the rapidly changing Australian energy landscape.”


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