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Software Toolbox introduces product for new OPC UA specification

Software Toolbox has introduced OPC Data-UA, which supports the next-generation Unified Architecture OPC standard. Software Toolbox is a supplier of industrial automation software.

The new OPC standard provides a cohesive, secure and reliable cross platform framework for access to real time and historical data and events.

The OPC UA specification expands options for Software Toolbox OPC Data Client connectivity, enabling it to connect securely to OPC data sources with the latest standards.

"The release of the OPC Data-UA 1.0 reflects the commitment of Software Toolbox to open standards," said Renee Sikes, brand manager for OPC Data Client at Software Toolbox.

"With this product customers can create an OPC UA client that can connect to any OPC UA server that supports the DA profile. It is a perfect complement to the existing OPC Data Client products, which provide custom access to OPC DA and A&E data. This combination of support ensures the long-term usability of OPC Data Client for users."

The Software Toolbox OPC Data Client family of products includes support for developing OPC DA, A&E and UA clients for a variety of target environments including thick clients, thin clients, web services and Windows services.

A free trial version of OPC Data-UA is available for download.

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