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Software enables strength and fatigue analysis of wind turbine structures

DNV is launching new design software for ultimate strength and fatigue analysis of offshore wind turbine structures – Sesam GeniE Wind.

The Sesam module addresses the wind industry’s need to model the combined effect of wind and wave loads.

The tailor-made module, GeniE Wind, can be used for design and fatigue analyses of wind turbine substructures.

Its analysis functionality complies with the DNV offshore standard DNV-OS-J101 Design of Offshore Wind Turbines.

Fatigue and ultimate strength calculations can be performed based on direct time-series simulations of combined wave and wind loads.

“This new design module for the wind energy industry means that DNV can now offer a complete software solution for the entire value chain, from construction through installation, in-place, modification and removal conditions,” explains Torbjørn Lindemark, product manager at DNV.

New DNV software for strength and fatigue analysis of offshore wind turbine structures.The 3D modelling functionality in GeniE allows traditional beam modelling of the slender parts while the complex transition between the wind tower and supporting structure can be accurately modelled using shell elements.

“This gives a precise determination of the strength in this part as compared to pure beam modelling.

"Wave loads are generated by the program and combined with imported wind load time series to determine the combined response for the fatigue and strength analysis.

"S-N curves and stress concentration factors for tubular joints are automatically assigned to the fatigue hot spots to speed up the analysis process,” says Lindemark.

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