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Sneak peak! Register now for the 2009 Oil & Gas expo

The 2009 Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition has dug deep to bring together the best in oil and gas processing and control solutions providers, with various new and exciting products to be revealed when it hits Perth’s shores in February 2009.

The exhibition will take place at the Perth Exhibition Centre from 17th to 19th February 2009, with a variable who’s who of engineering companies attending and exhibiting.

Event hours this year will reflect the following: Tuesday, 17 February, 11am — 7pm; Wednesday, 18 February, 11am — 7pm; and Thursday, 19 February, 11am — 4pm.

Just some of the exciting products to be displayed at the event are as follows:

Product Category: Chemicals/Fluids and Lubricants, Communication Equipment and Technology, Pumps and Compressors

Company: Solar Injection Australia

Stand Number: S08

Product Name: M Series Solar Chemical Injection Pump

Description: This new range of Solar Powered Chemical Injection pumps has been developed to answer demand from producers for an environmentally friendly alternative to gas driven pumps, that can utalise re-newable energy. Unlike other products on the market the M series uses long proven liquid section components

Contact: or 07 3379 5321

Product Category: Inspection/Testing and Control, Instrumentation and Control Technology, Power Generation, Production and Process Equipment, Gas Treatment and Processing

Company: Michell Instruments

Stand Number: S2

Product Name: Condumax II

Description: The Condumax II is a unique on-line hydrocarbon dew point analyser. Rated EExd for use where measurement of hydrocarbon dew point and water content is critical for both gas processors and gas turbine operators.


Category: Instrumentation and Control Technology

Company: Viatran Corporation

Stand Number: M24

Product Name: 510 Hammer Union Transmitter

Description: The Model 510 Hammer Union Pressure Transmitter was designed to be repairable and maintain the ruggedness that has defined Viatran in the well service market. The new design allows our customers to perform repairs in their own lab environment. Zero and span adjustments/Calibration can be performed by just connecting to a serial interface on the circuit board.


Category: Instrumentation and Control Technology

Company: Viatran

Stand Number: M24

Product Name: SPX-D Digital Display

Description: The SPXD is a new intrinsically-safe, loop-powered digital display that takes a 4-20mA (or HART) signal and displays the value on a large 1” LCD. The SPXD includes a 5-digit LCD display that is backlit for easy viewing, which includes a bar graph in 10% increments. Range setting, decimal placement, offset, and other parameters are easily configured via a pushbutton.


Category: Production and Process Equipment, Environmental protection/ Oil Spill response

Company: Wärtsilä

Stand Number: E24

Product Name: Wärtsilä Senitec Oily Water Treatment Systems

Description: The groundbreaking Wärtsilä Senitec fully automatic bilge and sludge treatment unit is the most effective product on the market today. The resulting sludge to be offloaded ashore has a very low residual water content, while the cleaned water contains less than 1ppm of oil, compared to the current IMO level of 15ppm. These features enable a very short payback time. And a cleaner environment.

Contact: or 02 9672 8200

Product Category: Instrumentation and Control Technology, Electrical Equipment and Services, Valves/Actuators/Fittings and Accessories

Company: Wärtsilä

Stand Number: E24

Product Name: Wärtsilä Automation Services

Description: Our Automation services cover service, maintenance, repair, upgrade and modernization, and design engineering for all types of power systems, diesel electric propulsion, steam and gas turbines, electrical systems, vessel control and automation systems as well as land-based power plants.

Contact: or 02 9672 8200

Product Category: Power Generation

Company: Wärtsilä

Stand Number: E24

Product Name: Wärtsilä Dual-Fuel Engines

Description: The oil and gas industry has one outstanding advantage. The fuel is right there — in the ground. The obvious solution is to use the same crude oil or natural gas to run the engines. Wärtsilä engines run smoothly on crude oil and gas or as dual-fuel versions for optimum flexibility.

Contact: or 02 9672 8200

Product Category: Inspection/Testing and Control, Construction and Fabrication, Pipes and Pipelines

Company: APTS/Testlok

Stand Number: G23

Product Name: Testpup

Description: Test Pup The Test Pup is an adjustable, fully-sealed and reusable pipe insert designed to simulate and protect crucial and costly flow control elements, such as valves and flow meters, in the testing and cleaning that process piping systems must endure before going online.

Contact: or 08 9278 2797

To find out more about the Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition, incorporating the 1st Annual Subsea Conference, visit the website, phone 03 9261 4500, or email

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