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SNAP 50 alcohol meter for micro-distilleries

Anton Paar announces the introduction of a new portable device designed
for accurate and convenient alcohol concentration measurement in micro-distilleries.

Part of the daily routine in small distilleries, alcohol concentration is
typically checked using traditional measuring methods such as glass hydrometers,
which are not only difficult to use but are also susceptible to breakage.

Combining cutting-edge technology in a robust and long-life instrument,
Anton Paar’s new SNAP 50 is an attractively priced digital alcohol meter
introduced in the market just in time for the high season at distilleries.

SNAP 50 digital alcohol meters are designed to check the alcohol content
of two-component mixtures made of water and ethanol over the whole relevant
measuring range from 0% v/v to 100% v/v, effectively replacing all glass
hydrometers in use at small distilleries. SNAP 50 takes the sample directly
from the storage vessel, automatically compensates the influence of temperature
on the result and displays the alcohol concentration within seconds.

The SNAP 50 portable alcohol meter additionally has the capability to
identify sample names via RFID, store more than 1000 results, and print or
export the results to a PC, ensuring complete traceability of the results.

The full range of Anton Paar instruments and Anton Paar Certified
Support is available in Australia and New Zealand at MEP Instruments, a Metrohm
and Anton Paar Company.

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