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Smit Röntgen able to 3D printing in tungsten

Netherlands-based medical imaging components firm Smit Röntgen has announced that it is able to now 3d print parts out of pure tungsten. and others report that smit, a
philips brand, is able to create parts through a patented powder bed process
using selective laser melting.

the company began researching additive manufacturing using the material, which has the highest melting point (3,422
degrees celsius) of any metal, a decade ago.

“from process development to
industrialization, smit röntgen is focused on creating added value to the
industry by developing and manufacturing parts for medical applications, in
particular high precision parts for x-ray collimation targeting the
ct/pet/spect market,” said head of development karry kleijnen.

“in addition, we also started to design and
produce parts for industrial use.”

According to kleijnen’s company, the time for parts to be created from CAD model is 48 hours.

Tungsten is an excellent absorber of x-rays. it can make
strong alloys when combined with steel and as a compound with carbide, and is
often found in cutting tools.

Image: Smit Röntgen

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