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SMC supports a practical approach to Industry 4.0

With advances in technology, industrial manufacturing is moving ahead at breakneck speed.  Machines are becoming more efficient due to cutting edge developments in automation that bring both improved performance and versatility. This combined with the development of intelligent robots means that smart machines are no longer a distant vision in the future.

According to Jozef Ceh, Electronic Platform Manager for SMC Australia | New Zealand the Industry 4.0 buzz is often confusing for customers. “We all know we have to get on the Industry 4.0 trend but how to do it practically is often the question. After some seminars and workshops I have encountered customers who are just more frustrated with all the jargon and talk when a practical approach is required” comments Jozef.

“That is where SMC comes in. We are simplifying it and helping our customers in practical ways to navigate through this sea of Industry 4.0 information – we offer products that are Industry 4.0 ready” adds Jozef.

Using advanced sensors and cloud computing, the internet of things can connect every phase of the production process to keep equipment operating at capacity, tracking any issues through the product life cycle including just-in-time maintenance and logistics. Today, these advances have been grouped together and are commonly referred to as Industry 4.0 – the next industrial revolution.

Along with the name, Industry 4.0 has generated a host of new terminology which Jozef says their experts are happy explain in more detail – these include:

  • Digital Production
  • Smart Service World
  • Automation
  • Real-time feedback
  • Big data
  • Individualization of products
  • Shopfloor Management
  • Batch size 1
  • Internet of things
  • Man/machine interface

To accelerated innovation through tailored services, SMC offers integrated product and system solutions. We help our customers create innovative solutions that add value to their business.

SMC can assist customers with the following:

  • support during the initial concept/planning stage
  • provide individual product and system concepts incorporating the latest technology
  • help optimise and modernise your plants

The outcome for the customer will be:

  • reduced lifecycle costs
  • lower operating costs
  • competitive advantages

Evolution through innovation

SMC is firmly committed to meeting the needs of our customers and we regard Industry 4.0 as the continuous and innovative development of both new and, in some cases, already existing SMC solutions and technologies.

With just a few small steps, it is already possible to successfully produce positive changes and take your first steps towards Industry 4.0.

Despite continuous developments in the manufacturing sector, manually operated valves still have their place in production. While many plants look to significant upgrades and welcome more flexible solutions, manually operated valves still provide significant benefits and are still relevant for certain applications. These hard working, robust valves offer control, durability and cost savings. “This is part of the practical advice customers can expect from SMC. We understand that it is an integration of what you currently have with where you want to be, and we can assist customers with selecting the best path for this implementation” concludes Ceh.

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