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SMC to showcase Industry 4.0 technologies at Foodtech Packtech New Zealand

As the global innovation race continues, the continent looks to it manufacturers to advance innovation, unlock new opportunities and to ultimately accelerate the economy. This is particularly evident in the food and packaging industries as some of our largest and most prominent sectors.In particular, market-leading companies play a key role thanks to their substantial investment into R&D and the use of their resources and power to create the break-throughs needed. Today, it’s about adding value at every stage within the global supply chain to constantly remain competitive.

SMC has a clear strategy and the technology to help implement Industry 4.0 solutions for all its customers. Today its all about faster and more flexible processes and plants to ensure sustainable, increased production and reduced costs. SMC C will be showcasing its latest IoT solutions for the food & packaging industries at this year’s FoodTech PackTech (FTPT).

SMC has also developed a state-of-the-art training system to further enhance the skills of maintenance teams for optimised productivity and maintenance scheduling.The SIF-400 is SMC’s latest training system which looks to simulate a production line using IoT technologies. Training can be conducted at our training facilities or on-site and it allows the maintenance team to get hands-on with the latest technologies in a safe and controlled environment.

SMC Digital transformation leader and electronic platforms manager, Jozef Ceh will be featured as a guest speaker at FTPT and will be talking to the topic of ‘Industry 4.0 – Let’s get practical’.

Industry 4.0 brings with it a host of jargon and uncertainties. The feedback from customers in the past when attending Industry 4.0 talks is that at the end of these, they still aren’t too sure of how to approach Industry 4.0 practically and how to incorporate it into their environment.

Industry 4.0 does not need to be complicated. The team at SMC looks forward to meeting visitors and customers at FTPT to discuss the possibilities and to walk the journey with them.

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