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SMC launches three additional communication protocols

Responding to the demand for broadening the communication capacities of one of the corporation’s controllers, SMC´s direct input step motor controller is now available in three additional communication protocols – DeviceNet, EtherCAT and PROFINET. These now join EtherNet/IP fieldbus protocol which is already available to the market

The recently launched JXC series from SMC with its three additional communication protocols is designed to directly control the LE range of electric actuators, providing real-time, high-speed communication as well as added security, thanks to a dual port In/Out.

This controller is suitable for general machine builders who rely on accurate speed, position or force, but at the same time look to improved flexibility and stronger security. The DLR option gives added security and peace of mind as communication continues even when there is a disconnected element.  In addition, real time feedback is achieved through numerical data input, in addition to half/full duplex high speed communication.

The JXC is yet another example of a recent innovation from SMC, with several new product launches taking place from the end of 2016 to date.

The JXC series delivers savings in terms of space, cabling and maintenance.



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