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Corning Cable Fibre Management System (FMS)

Clayton, VIC

CORNING Cable strives to maintain its reputation for high-quality Australian cable that adheres to stringent supplier sources requirements. As part of a Best Practice drive, the company reviewed its existing production processes to maintain a competitive edge ahead of tough trading conditions.

The company engaged Smartpath, an Australian developer of Web 2.0 asset, maintenance and mobility workforce software to identify ways in which Corning could efficiently automate its workflow, and eliminate error and manual intervention.

For Corning Cable, it was critical that the software fit around its specialised manufacturing process, rather than enforce a new set of workflow and the need to rearrange the factory floor. The majority of Corning’s factory floor staff, until now, has largely not been overly computer literate, so it was important that the software be intuitive and ‘friendly’.

Computer-illiterate factory workers have been taught how to use the system to reduce human error, and speed up the five stage manufacturing process (colouring, tubing, stranding, sheathing and testing). Specifically, the software has been customised for a factory environment rather than the office environment. This includes large icons (based on gaming icons) for manual worker use rather than office workers.

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