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Smarter microgrid control

ABB is making it possible for microgrids to be protected, controlled and managed using smart circuit breakers. A software-based innovation for their Emax 2 smart circuit breaker makes microgrid architectures simpler and more cost effective than ever, according to the company.

With the addition of embedded functions such as an automatic transfer switch, Emax 2 is now equipped to manage the different power sources that make up a typical microgrid. The upgrades to the product’s circuit breaker will enable it to combine advanced protection, programmable logic, full connectivity, easy integration and comprehensive microgrid energy management in one device.

A complete series of protections ensure a single unit can cover all loads and generators, with adaptive protections that recognise network changes and automatically set new thresholds to guarantee coordination in all conditions. Software embedded in the product also optimises the microgrid where locally generated power, energy storage, loads and utility power work together. Algorithms are used to measure and evaluate energy consumption, enabling constant power loads or peak power reductions, depending on the user’s requirements.

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