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Smart wireless up for competition

Emerson Process Management will recognise customers for innovative applications of the company’s Smart Wireless solutions with their “Smart Wireless Innovators Contest”. The contest is open globally to all manufacturing customers and will run until March 31, 2008.

A panel of customer peers will judge the entries, and award prizes in two categories:

-Most innovative use of wireless technologies

-Greatest business impact from using wireless.

To qualify for the contest, applications must include at least five of Emerson’s Smart Wireless instruments with a 1420 Smart wireless gateway or a ROC800-series Remote Operations Controller with on-board wireless gateway, and AMS Device Manager software with wireless PlantWeb interface.

Contest winners will receive free admission to the 2008 Emerson Global Users Exchange in Washington, DC, USA, where they will be formally honored with a crystal Smart Wireless Innovators Award and a $2500 cash prize. Winners will also have an opportunity to present to industry peers at the Users Exchange, sharing details of their application which makes unique use of Smart Wireless products and services.

Contest submittals must include a description of the actual Smart Wireless application, business objectives, Emerson technologies involved, an assessment of performance and results achieved. Entry forms are available here.

Global introduction of Smart Wireless solutions began in North America last fall, and Emerson’s wireless products began shipping to users in 2006. The realisation of easy, fast commissioning and up to 90% reduction of sensor and transmitter installed cost has stirred the enthusiasm of engineers toward capturing new data to improve plant performance.

“We frequently have customers trialing our Smart Wireless technologies for one reason, then finding many other good uses once they get it up and running,” said Peter Zornio, chief strategic officer for Emerson Process Management.

“We are introducing this contest and award to celebrate the innovative spirit of those finding new and exciting ways to experience the value of reliable, secure and easy-to-use wireless.”

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