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Smart tools for HVAC professionals

Testo’s set of eight Smart Probes is capable of connecting to mobile devices via Bluetooth and is ideal for HVAC specialists of all levels.

Users control these Smart Probes with the Smart Probe App, an easy-to-use mobile interface that accommodates the professionals on the go. HVAC professionals can connect to the set of instruments wirelessly through smartphones or tablets using the Smart Probe App.

The set consists of a hot wire anemometer, vane anemometer, differential pressure meter, high pressure meter, clamp thermometer, thermohygrometer, infrared thermometer and thermometer. 

Using the capabilities of Testo’s new range of Smart Probes and the Smart Probe App, the user can monitor measurements data from up to six of the instruments simultaneously. The App can also visualise measurement value changes as a graph or table. 

Connections with the Smart Probes can be maintained at distances of up to 20 metres and measured value reports such as PDFs or Excel files can be sent via email.

The App includes application-specific features such as menus for pressure-drop testing, which enables professionals to create volume flow measurement parameters at outlet and duct cross-sections.

The Smart Probes come in a secure and convenient compact case. Its durable, flexible shell and the soft foam rubber inlay interior keeps the instruments well protected for HVAC specialists working on-site.

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