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Smart pipette stand

pipette stand

Mettler Toledo has announced its Rainin SmartStand, a smart stand that the company claims will transform how labs manage their pipettes.

When a pipette is placed in one of the stand’s four holders, the colour LCD screen instantly displays its current status in a clear visual language: green is ‘good’, yellow indicates that service is required soon and red signals that the pipette is beyond its service or calibration date. When a pipette is removed from the stand, the colour screen switches to a more detailed view of its service and asset record.

By leveraging data that is already stored on the pipette’s RFID chip, the stand simplifies how lab managers track service data and assure day-to-day compliance. Furthermore, service data and calibration status are readily apparent every time a user picks up a pipette, meaning that accidentally using a pipette that is out-of-specification is a thing of the past.

The stand uses EasyDirect Pipette Asset Management software, which simplifies servicing by keeping track of which pipettes are due and automatically filling out and printing the appropriate forms. It graphically indicates which pipettes are due for service, making them instantly recognisable. By capturing usage data through the stand, EasyDirect helps lab managers reduce asset costs and eliminate pipettes that are no longer in use.

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