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Smart building energy management company represents Australia at tech summit

Smart building energy management company carbonTRACK will be one of six companies representing Australia at the Techventure innovation summit held in Singapore.

The two-day summit starts 21 September 2015. It will be attended by 160 startups and tech companies from Asia, Europe, Britain and the US.

A handful of up-and-coming local tech companies will represent Australia for the first time at Singapore's major innovation summit, Techventure.

Two start-ups and four established tech companies will be showcased at the two-day summit from September 21.

While this is the summit’s 19th year running, 2015 is the first time Australian companies have been invited to attend. Sydney-based Gemstar Technology and its founder Gemma Manning organised the delegation after being invited by Singapore’s National Research Foundation to showcase Australia’s tech talent at the summit.

The summit is considered a major chance for companies to find new investors and customers, and a stepping stone for expansion into Asia.

CarbonTRACK’s smart building management technology  is based on a unit which is installed in the building, and linked to energy producing or consuming devices such as solar water heating systems and panels, hot water units, air conditioning systems, electric heating systems and individual circuits.

The unit then connects via an independent cellular communications protocol. Through a Virtual Private Network, the user can then access the real time energy information across multiple platforms. The system can help with energy optimisation efforts, and also provide real-time alerts based on energy events.

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