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Samsung’s “smart belt” tells you when you’re gaining weight

Samsung’s newest wearable utilises smart technology to monitor the size of the user’s waist.

Named WELT, the product is able to connect to the user’s smartphone using Bluetooth to share information about their daily activity. It tracks data such as steps taken, calories burnt and time spent sitting during the day. However, a magnetic sensor housed in the belt buckle can also measure and monitor the user’s waist size. According to the company, waist size can increase over the span of a half hour, and the waist monitoring software could help users to correct overeating.


"Waist is the new wrist" is WELT's slogan.
“Waist is the new wrist” is WELT’s slogan.


The belt was posted on KickStarter not long ago, and has more than reached its funding target of $30,000 at $56,872 (currently backed by 512 people) with one month to go. Its estimated delivery date is January 2017.

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