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Small LED indicator for thick panels

Microprecision’s new longer M6 thread 3mm CDLB series panel LED enables customers to design panels with 3mm LEDs to their own specifications, eliminating the need to change to larger LEDs to fit thick panels.  The new CDLB series mounts in panels up to 8mm in thickness- even when supplied with the optional washer for IP67 sealing.

The front mount nickel-plated housing has a prominent bezel shape with a protruded LED.  The fully potted housing with additional gasket offers front and rear IP67 sealing and provides environmental protection for outdoor applications.

The LED indicator is available in a broad range of colors and intensities, including daylight readable, as well as bicolor and blinking.  Optional internal resistors allow operation up to 60VDC and custom AC voltage assemblies are also available.  Manufactured in the US, the LED can be easily adapted to meet custom needs for special wire, connectors or marking.

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