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Small electric motors for food makers

Maxon motor has released two new motors to their range.

A new range of DC motors in 50mm diameter with power, length and voltage options. Produced by high quality manufacturer KAG and available on request.

The M50x28/I and M50x65/I. Fit between the existing M48 and M63 range offering more accurate motor size selection for food equipment applications. 

The new 50mm x28 DC motor produces 7 per cent more power compared to the 48mm and equals the power of a 63×40 version. 

The motor DC voltage range spans 5V through to 42V DC and the two motor body lengths are 91 and 126mm. It can be supplied with an optical encoder and gearhead to suit the application requirements. 

The configuration choices include Planetary, Spur and Worm gearhead styles and safety holding brakes. Nominal speeds near 2800rpm and efficiencies of over 80 per cent have been measured. Data sheets and 3D models are available online.

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