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Small DC motor and ceramic linear positioning system

Small motor positioning systems have been redefined by
precision ceramic spindles. This precision linear positioning using DC motor
and encoder technology also employs ground ceramic surfaces that provide silky
smooth motion without the slip stick phenomenon.

Ceramics play a key role in positioning systems that
require high accuracy and efficiency from DC motor and gearhead driven systems.

The Maxon Motor ceramic linear drives feature a
specially developed ceramic glide surface (CGS) that delivers longer lifespans
in automation systems with dynamic sliding movements. The linear systems with
ceramic components are suitable in areas of strong electric fields or vacuum.
The hardness and surface structure of the CGS also improve wear resistance over
traditional materials.

Ceramic materials offer advantages in applications
within power transmission or chemically aggressive environments, cleanrooms and
high ambient temperatures. Zirconia also shares many properties with steel such
as elasticity and expansion, allowing its use within the gearhead alongside
traditional steels. Even the DC motor shaft is often ceramic, enabling
commutation components to be embedded into the nonconductive material providing
smaller and more robust systems.

Maxon Motor Australia can provide engineering
assistance to custom manufacture precision ceramic linear positioning systems. 

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