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Small brushless DC servo motors for prosthetics, rehab and haptics

Maxon Motor Australia recently supplied an Australian
customer its 6mm diameter brushless DC servo motors for use in a medical
rehabilitation application.

Maxon’s motor gearhead and feedback combination features
a high motor speed capability of up to 100,000rpm on very low 3V, 6V and 12V
winding options. Maxon’s coreless winding can also be customised to suit the desired
speed range.

The 6mm diameter planetary gearhead can reduce the
speed and increase the torque of the motor by up to 854 times. The motor is
fitted with a hall sensor network for feedback that gives a state change every
60 degrees. Given the speed of the motor and the increased resolution from the gearbox
reduction, this equates to high resolution control over the motor.

The motor and gearhead are fitted with multiple
stainless steel ball bearings, offering high radial and axial load levels while
the motor preloading controls excessive resonance at such high speeds. It is
important to carefully consider the winding constants and gearhead ratios to
best suit the application.

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