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SkillsTech Australia opens Technology Hub

SkillsTech Australia has just opened the new Electrotechnolgy Hub at its Eagle Farm Training Centre. SkillsTech Australia is Queensland’s largest public provider of trade and technician training.

SkillsTech Australia Business Manager Mal Garrick said the new $600,000 Electrotechnology Hub would deliver industry-ready graduates as tradespeople with dual-qualifications in electrical and instrumentation.

“This new Electrotechnology Hub will be delivering job-ready graduates who have been trained on industry-relevant equipment and resources with the most up-to-date technologies available,” Garrick said.

“The new hub, consisting of two 180 square metre centres, features a fully functional process instrumentation, data, telecommunication and renewable energy centre.

“Each centre utilises industrial equipment found on numerous workplaces throughout Queensland, Australia and overseas.

“This entire facility will be delivering Certificate II, III, IV and Diplomas in Instrumentation and Control; Data and Telecommunications; plus Renewable and Sustainable Energy, with the potential of extending to Automation in the near future.”

Garrick said the Renewable Energy Centre is very close to being energy neutral, including power supplied for the air conditioners, due to the use of solar panels.

“Solar electricity is one of the answers for our future energy challenges and SkillsTech Australia is leading the way in best practice training of designers and installers with this facility,” Garrick said.

“Wind equipment and micro hydro are also available for future training and expansion in the sustainability industries.

“This is a state-of-the-art facility setting us up for the future training needs of Queensland’s electrotechnology, sustainability and renewable industries.”

“The Queensland Government has committed more than $200 million to the development of facilities at SkillsTech Australia to address skills shortages with more than $162 million invested so far.”

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