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On-site tool service keeps production flowing

As Australasian industry continues to optimise its efficiency to meet international competition and delivery deadlines, uptime is king.

This is where the value of on-site tool services is truly felt. Not having to ship out valuable maintenance and fabrication tools – including torque wrenches, hand pumps or cylinders – just for a service or calibration means staff can get back to the job quicker.

“On-site tool services, such as tool commissioning, application audits, calibration, and safety training help keep you working at the highest possible levels of safety, efficiency and reliability,” says Enerpac National Bolting Product Manager, Australia and New Zealand, Andrew Marsh.

“On-site tool service and calibration is highly useful for worksites ranging from transport and metal fabrication workshops, through to mining, energy, oil and gas, construction and bulk handling sites, where elimination of delay and hazards is top priority,” says Marsh.

On-site services offered by Enerpac include:

Tool Commissioning, which ensures that maintenance staff are trained and aware of the safety and operational requirements of each tool.

Application Audits, which help to determine the best tool for the job. Factors like tool fitment, job time frame, required lead times, operational environment and budget are all taken into account when putting a customised equipment package together.

Calibration, which is an essential part of tool optimisation. As materials wear and age, the torque output can vary due to several factors, including loss of lubrication inside the tool. These potentially hazardous errors are corrected by auditing and verification procedures which can be conducted on-site by specialist authorised service and calibration centres.

Safety Training, which is a vital element in ensuring that staff are able to properly use their tools and avoid common hazards and mistakes. Since tools and technology are constantly being updated, it’s important to continually update the safety training of staff.


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