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Simulink PLC Coder adds Structured Text Generation for Omron PLCs

MathWorks has announced that Simulink PLC Coder can now generate IEC 61131-3 Structured Text for Omron PLCs.

This advancement allows industrial automation engineering teams to adopt Model-Based Design for manufacturing and power generation equipment controlled by Omron PLCs, including Omron’s new Sysmac Studio. 

Omron’s Sysmac Studio is a single software platform that configures, programs, and monitors automation systems.

Sysmac Studio supports the NJ-series machine automation controller, enabling efficient machine control through a single connection.

Now, engineers using Omron PLCs can automatically generate code from Simulink for closed-loop and supervisory control applications.

Automatic code generation, an integral part of Model-Based Design, helps eliminate errors associated with traditional hand coding and reduces overall development and validation time.

“With Simulink PLC Coder support for Sysmac Studio, we see important advantages for Omron customers that have adopted Model-Based Design,” said Yasutugu Namura, manager of Control Division, Business Development Department No.2, Omron.

“Now, engineers can use Simulink PLC Coder to generate code from Simulink models, speeding up the design process and enhancing performance on machines controlled by Omron PLCs.”

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