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Simulation technology to determine superyacht safety in Southport


The Queensland government have announced an advanced simulation technology will be used to ensure the safe progression of the next generation of 130 metre superyachts through the Southport Spit. 

Deputy premier and minister for State Development Steven Miles announced the $65,485 simulation technology at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show. 

“We have contributed $19,000 towards high-tech computer simulations to ensure the safety of large vessels on their way to the new superyacht facility at the Southport Yacht Club,” Miles said. 

“These simulations will be a state-of-the-art run-through to show exactly how vessels of up to 130 metres will move through the Southport Spit. This follows our initial investment of $2.87 million to develop Australia’s largest superyacht berthing facility on the Gold Coast. 

“As the world opens up after COVID-19 we want more superyachts enjoying the Queensland coastline, but it is important to ensure the safety of crews and passengers as they pass through our waterways. 

“Queensland has had a strong health response, so we’re getting on with our plan for the state’s economic recovery.” 

Southport Yacht Club was also pleased to partner with the Queensland government and Gold Coast City Council on securing access to this vital technology, according to general manager Brett James. 

“Maritime Safety Queensland currently allows berthing of up to an 85-metre vessel, so these simulations will help to determine if the maximum length of vessel that could safely berth at the Southport Yacht Club could be increased to 130 metres,” James said. 

Gold Coast City Council will also invest $20,000 in the simulation project, according to Gold Coast mayor Tom Tate. 

“I’m delighted to see further investment in our emerging superyacht industry. The entire east coast offers so much to these high-value visitors so it’s important we do everything we can to promote our port as a must-visit destination,” Tate said. 

The simulation technology will take part in the bigger picture in further implementing the Queensland Superyacht Industry Strategy. 

“I was fortunate to also open and attend the Australian Superyacht, Marine Export and Commercial Marine Industry (ASMEX) 2021 conference this week,” Miles said. 

“It’s clear Queensland is leading the nation in tapping into the superyacht sector, which is predicted to expand to $1.1 billion and nearly 8000 jobs by the end of this year. Our goal since we announced the five-year Queensland Superyacht Strategy in 2018 has been to position the state as the place to invest in this industry. 

“Fast forward to 2021, Queensland’s low rates of COVID-19 has enhanced the state’s global reputation as a safe place to do business.” 

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