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Simplifying connection with indicator terminal block

Phoenix Contact’s PTTB 2.5-ILA 100 current indicator terminal block simplifies the connection process thanks to its push-in connection technology,  which allows direct plug-in capability.

Whether working with solid conductors or conductors with ferrules, technicians can connect directly to the terminal point.

The technician aligns and inserts the wire into the marked terminal points. The low insertion forces of the push-in connection terminal block enables the conductors to be inserted easily and directly, and tool-free. The installation process is fast, convenient and saves time.

The new current indicator terminal block detects interruptions or line breaks during operation to ensure excellent performance. The voltage drop is evaluated at a Zener diode in reverse direction and is indicated by a LED so that the technician can see the operating status of the system.

The device also features a printed circuit diagram for clear identification to help minimise faulty wiring and ensure performance.

Compact, the Phoenix Contact PTTB 2.5-ILA 100 helps users save on space with its slim  design, while providing flexibility when it comes to configuration.

Shock and vibration resistant, the device is robust and safe to use and operate.                    Technicians can rest assured that the PTTB 2.5-ILA 100 has been subjected to tests which go beyond the basic standard.

The unit is suitable for use in a range of industries including systems manufacturing and machine building, process technology and process engineering, chemical and  petrochemical, rail and shipbuilding as well as in energy technology.

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