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Signal company changes tact

Belden held a Singapore Night Safari themed dinner for the company’s SouthEast Asia distributors last month, with CEO John Stroup announcing Belden has transformed into a signal transmission solution company.

The Belden senior management team and CEO, Stroup, held the gathering for distributors and key customers in the region to show their appreciation for supporting the business throughout the year and through some major strategy changes.

Held on 28 August, over 15 major customers listened to Stroup give an update on the performance of the company and the strategy moving forward, including the transformation of Belden into a signal transmission solution company along with a highlight of acquisitions that the company has made over the past year, including Trapeze Networks, Hirschmann, Lumberg and LTK Wiring.

The event was also the first public hearing of the company’s new brand architecture, which provides the foundation framework for Belden’s leading market brands including Hirschmann, Lumberg, IndustrialTuff, DataTuff, IBDN and Brillianc, to be incorporated under the Belden umbrella. With products from Hirschmann and Lumberg, Belden now offers a broad product range for industrial automation solutions.

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