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Siemens to provide infrastructure to the Victorian Desalination Project

The Victorian Desalination Project has confirmed Siemens as their supplier for process automation and switchgear equipment, in what is considered to be the largest combined automation and energy contract in the company’s history. The plant will be the largest in Australia, capable of producing up to 150 gigalitres of water per year, with the potential to scale up to 200 gigalitres.

The Siemens automation technology chosen at the plant, PCS7, is one of the most advanced and reliable automation controllers in the world. The PCS7 equipment is used to manage the flow, vibration, temperature and pressure among a wide range of other complex functions across the seamless platform.

Siemens was awarded the supply contract by Thiess Degrémont, the design and construction contractor for the project.

“We chose Siemens due to their extensive history in delivering complex process control systems,” said Greg Miller, Project Director for Thiess Degrémont.

Siemens was also awarded the contract for supply of the motor control centres, providing Sivacon S8 fully withdrawable technology.

Siemens Vice President of Industry, David Keenan says the scale and capacity of the project presents a welcome challenge for Siemens Automation engineers. The plant is four times larger than the Siemens process control solution at the Perth Seawater Desalination Plant and significantly larger than the Bahrain desalination plant that supplies over 400,000 cubic meters of fresh water each day to some 718,300 Bahraini citizens.

“With the plant operating at 150 GL capacity, our SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIVACON S8 controllers will monitor and control up to 20,000 inputs and outputs simplifying even the most complex desalination process,” said Keenan.

Vice President of Energy, Steve Robinson said the GIS equipment will provide Victoria’s desalination plant with a more robust, reliable and safe energy supply.

“GIS technology was the best fit for this project, with safety being the top priority, the switchgear is motorised and monitored by remote control offering superior analysis capabilities with improved safety measures onsite” said Mr Robinson.

Construction of the Victorian Desalination Project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2011.

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