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Siemens process control helps breweries meet supply

Siemens has been supplying its Braumat Process Control System to the brewing industry since 1980; Braumat has evolved into a robust system that is today beer brewing, according to Siemens.

Siemens’ brewery solutions account for €100 million a year worldwide, which Siemens said outpaces every other competitor in the industry on a global scale. Siemens technologies are designed to provide water and energy-efficiency savings, and also to enable production flexibility — which is fundamental to delivering on the changing tastes and brand variety demanded by today’s astute beer consumer, Siemens said.

“Our technology guarantees the same high quality at all times while reducing the amount of water and energy consumed by up to 30 percent for every 100 liters of beer,” said Siemens executive manager for industrial automation, Ashish Bhat.

“Process controls that guarantee this capability, and all literally at the push of a button, have become a real competitive advantage for breweries.”

Siemens is the control technology provider behind Lion Nathan’s new $250 million Australasian site in Auckland, which is expected to reduce operating costs for the brewery by up to a staggering $15 million per year.

“The new operation will provide a number of productivity, customer responsiveness, environmental and employee advantages, including an expected NZD $12 to $15 million annual reduction in operating costs,” said Lion Nathan Corporate Affairs director Liz Read.

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