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Siemens PLM Software releases Teamcenter mobility app for the iPad

  • Product knowledge is more accessible to a broader audience throughout the extended enterprise
  • App enables a quick search, view and interaction with product and process workflow information on the spot using a mobile device
  • Executives can act immediately on accurate information and reduce design and production cycle times


Siemens PLM Software, has released its Teamcenter Mobility mobile device application for instantly accessing — from WiFi or mobile broadband-available locations — the product knowledge managed by its Teamcenter software.

Through the use of this new app, which is being initially deployed on the Apple iPad, companies can enhance their ability to interact with product data and workflows at the right time, in the right place and in the right context to further enhance the speed and accuracy of decisions made throughout a product’s lifecycle.

“Due to their accelerated worldwide adoption and their role as a company’s single source of all product and process knowledge, PLM systems have become a competitive necessity for the global manufacturing community,” said Joe Barkai, Practice Director, Product Lifecycle Strategies, IDC Manufacturing Insights.

“However, in order to effectively leverage this vast pool of information for fast and intelligent decision making, it needs to be made instantly available to all stakeholders in the product lifecycle process at the point of activity that decisions are made. Teamcenter Mobility helps make valuable product knowledge much more accessible to a significantly broader audience of users throughout the extended enterprise.”

The Teamcenter PLM system is used in the automotive and aerospace industries as well as in other industries such as consumer products, shipbuilding and high tech electronics. Companies in all these industries need to rely not only on the input of office-based personnel, but also on feedback from individuals who may be working in less conventional locations.

This mobile workforce can include executives who spend a significant amount of time in airports, on airplanes or attending meetings at remote locations. It could also include field personnel working inside a partially assembled airplane fuselage or walking the shop floor of an automotive assembly line.

Teamcenter Mobility enables these individuals to search, view and interact with product and process workflow information on the spot using a convenient mobile device.

Companies can react quickly to the changing environments associated with all product lifecycle disciplines such as design, simulation, manufacturing and maintenance.

“By making up-to-the-minute Teamcenter data available at the necessary point of activity, our customers can act immediately on accurate information and further reduce their design and production cycle times," said Chuck Grindstaff, president, Siemens PLM Software.


YouTube video: Introducing Teamcenter Mobility for iPad

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