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Siemens Healthcare to sell microbiology business

Siemens Healthcare is selling its microbiology business to Beckman Coulter, a wholly owned subsidiary of Danaher Corporation.

The activities of the microbiology business include systems for the identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing (ID/AST) of microorganisms.

The decision enables Siemens Healthcare to focus on its core in-vitro business within the Diagnostics Division and is also in alignment with Siemens – Vision 2020.

The Australian subsidiary of Beckman Coulter was established in 1981 and is responsible for business in Australia and New Zealand and territories in the South Pacific.

Beckman Coulter is headquartered in Lane Cove, Sydney with strategic service depots in the other cities.

Beckman Coulter designs, manufactures, markets and services a range of laboratory systems consisting of instruments, chemistries, software, and supplies that meet a variety of laboratory needs.

Beckman Coulter products are used in a range of applications, from instruments used for pioneering medical research and drug discovery to diagnostic tools found in hospitals and physicians' offices.

The company's diagnostics product lines cover virtually all blood tests routinely performed in hospital laboratories.

For medical and pharmaceutical research, they provide a range of systems used in genomic, cellular and protein testing.

The Company has approximately 125,000 systems operating in laboratories around the world, with 68% of annual revenues coming from after-market customer purchases of operating supplies, chemistry kits and service

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