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Siemens gets €16 million deal with Moroccan mine

The Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services Group (I&S) will equip a new Steckel mill with drive systems, to be delivered, installed and commissioned at the end of 2008.

Established in 1975, the Maghreb Steel Company operates a rolling mill near Casablanca for producing cold-rolled, galvanized and coated steel strips and pipes. In the course of an extensive investment program, the company is building a hot rolling mill with an annual capacity of one million metric tons. The aim is to cover Maghreb Steel’s own needs and also to produce hot strip for export from 2009 onwards. The new hot rolling mill includes a roughing stand with edgers, a Steckel rolling stand, a cooling section and a down coiler. For the roughing stand and the Steckel stand, Siemens is supplying twin main-drive motors, each with an output of 5.2 megawatts, as well as the motors for the edgers, the Steckel coilers and the down coiler plus all the roller table motors. Cylindrical-rotor synchronous motors will be used as the main drives and will be supplied with power via DC link converters of the type Sinamics SM150. The other motors will also be equipped with Sinamics converters. The transformers are an additional part of the scope of supply. Siemens is also responsible for supervising installation and commissioning the drive equipment. Manufacture of the motors in the German Dynamowerk factory of Siemens AG in Berlin and the large number of references Siemens can supply for drives used in hot rolling mills were important reasons for giving the order to the I&S Group.

has received an order from the Maghreb Steel Company in Morocco to equip . The project volume is around 16 million euros. The drive systems will be

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