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Siemens Enterprise Communications changes name to Unify

After nearly 170 years, the company formerly known as Siemens Enterprise Communications, is being introduced as a new entity: Unify.

Unify is being positioned as a leading communications software and services firm.

Unify aims to change  the way companies communicate and collaborate, helping them spend less time orchestrating work and more time doing it.

Unify said significant forces were reshaping the communications and IT industries like the consumerisation of IT, bring your own device (BYOD), the role of millennials and the impact of “anywhere workers,” essentially defining a new way to work (#NW2W).

The launch of the new brand builds upon momentum and market recognition gained from the company’s unveiling of Project Ansible in June 2013.

Project Ansible is a new communications and collaboration platform that leverages secure, dynamic collaboration, universal content aggregation, and a consumer-like, single-pane-of-glass experience that drives adoption and seamless integration into business processes to enhance business performance. 

“Unify is uniquely positioned to lead our customers and the industry toward the emergence of a new way to work that will transform how enterprises communicate and collaborate, where technology will amplify the collective effort of information workers, energise teams and processes, and enhance business performance,” said Hamid Akhavan, CEO, Unify.

Jacob Morgan, author of The Collaborative Organization and principal of Chess Media Group also commented on the announcement today: “Unify has the vision to address the needs of how we work today. Businesses of all sizes need to make it easier for their global employees and partners to put context to the information and data that flows through organizations while delivering a consumer-like experience anywhere, anytime, and on any device. This new way to work is now a strategic imperative and Unify is taking the leadership position.”

Unify’s brand launch included a two-hour web-streamed broadcast of original content, hosted by Baratunde Thurston, a social media enthusiast and co-founder and CEO of Cultivated Wit, and Nicole Duft, industry analyst and senior vice president at Pierre-Audoin Consultants (PAC).

[Image courtesy: Unify]

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