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Siemen wins huge order to build ICE trains

Known as the ICE 4, this new German fast train will be the backbone of the Deutsche Bahn's future long-distance network. 

In the initial phase, 130 ICE 4-type trains have been ordered from Siemens, and beginning in 2017 they will replace the Intercity and Eurocity fleets put into operation between 1971 and 1991. 

At a later time, Siemens said the ICE 4 trains will replace ICE 1 and ICE 2 variants currently in service across Germany. The ICE 4 will then be responsible for roughly 70 per cent of Deutsche Bahn's interurban transport.

The ICE 4 sets new standards in intercity traffic. The modular drive concept is based on independent Powercars with identical traction technology, resulting in more flexibility, high operational availability and a large number of reliable systems with high redundancy.

Maximum speed of the ICE 4-type trains is 330 km/h.

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