Shell and KBR in hydroprocessing technology alliance

KBR and Shell Global Solutions International have formed a new alliance in which KBR will market, sell and provide technology and design packages with Shell Global Solutions on hydroprocessing solutions worldwide.

Refiners use hydroprocessing technologies to help meet the most stringent product specifications and emissions legislation, maximising the value from bottom of the barrel processing, while enjoying the higher unit availability of owner/operator developed technology.

With KBR and Shell as significant licensors in the refining industry, this alliance combines the companies’ core technology and processing strengths to provide customers with competitive hydroprocessing solutions.

The agreement is effective immediately and allows KBR the opportunity to bring Shell’s technology solutions to clients across the globe.

“This agreement is consistent with KBR Technology’s growth strategy for our bottom of the barrel refining technologies. The strength of this alliance lies in the synergies between KBR’s technology and engineering expertise and Shell’s catalyst and operations experience. We look forward to pursuing commercial opportunities for Shell’s hydroprocessing technologies immediately,” said John Derbyshire, President, KBR Technology.

“Shell Global Solutions is committed to its global alliances and to providing customers with cost effective solutions designed according to their needs. Through our alliance with KBR, we are demonstrating our long term commitment to providing high quality, innovative technology to the refining industry,” said Dave Clark, General Manager, Process Licensing, Shell Global Solutions International.

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